Refunds Policy

  • sells Tickets on behalf of Organizers who are responsible for the Event organization and management.
  • Once purchased Tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged, or transferred other than in the circumstances detailed specifically below.
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to check whether there are any restrictions placed on entry to the Event, such as age restrictions or dress code restrictions, before purchasing a Ticket from the Website. will not be held liable and will not refund the Ticket purchase if entry to the Event is declined by the Organizer for any reason including, but not limited to, failure to meet the dress code, failure to meet age restrictions, dangerous, disruptive, unruly or unlawful behavior resulting in the Organizer or venue management declining entry.
  • The Organizer and the venue management reserve the right to refuse admission at any time without giving cause or reason. does not offer refunds to any Customer who refused entry to the Event or who is ejected from the Event for any reason.
  • Customers are eligible to apply for a refund in writing to within 30 days after the Event or, in the case of cancelled or postponed Events, within 30 days of the date of the announcement that the Event is postponed or cancelled, in the following circumstances only:
  1. If the event is cancelled for any reason.
  2. If the main Artist cancels.
  • If the main Artist fails to perform or is incapable of performing.
  1. If the main Artist moves the performance to a different date.
  2. If the start or end time of the Event is moved significantly, this being a move in a time of at least five hours or more from that originally published.
  3. If the event is postponed for any reason. In the case of postponement, Customers may be offered the option to use their original ticket for a re-scheduled date for the event, or may, in the case of Events with multiple performances be offered the opportunity to exchange their original Ticket for a Ticket of similar value and similar seating quality for another performance on a different day. This is the only instance where Customers may be offered the option to exchange Tickets.
  • If the venue of the event is changed to a location significantly different from the original venue location. For a change of venue to be a justifiable reason for a refund, the new venue would have to be at least 20km away from the original venue or the new venue to be of significantly lower quality in terms of services, amenities, and ambiance than the original venue.
  • will consider applications for refunds based only on the above-mentioned circumstances detailed in points I-VII and may request specific documentation or other evidence in support of any such requests.
  • If, at its sole discretion, accepts the request for a refund, then the refund will be issued via the same method that the original payment was made. If payment was made by credit or debit card, then the refund will be made to the same credit or debit card used for the original purchase.
  • reserves the right to withhold up to 5% of the original purchase value being refunded to cover administration costs and bank charges in processing the refund.
  • Minor changes in performance times or performance durations will not be considered justifiable reasons to issue a refund.
  • Changes to supporting artists will not be considered a justifiable reason to issue a refund.
  • Performance quality, technical issues, or the Customer not enjoying the performance will not be considered justifiable reasons to issue a refund.
  • Abandonment of an Event once it has started due to any reason including but not limited to weather conditions, earthquake, fire, flood, death, acts of God, war, insurrection, strike, lockout, failure in power supply, the action of a governmental body or any other acts of force majeure not reasonably within the control of the Organizer will not be considered justifiable reasons to issue a refund.
  • The above-mentioned Refund Policy may vary depending on the event type and/or Organizer terms and conditions.

To request a refund based on the circumstances detailed above please contact by email at

Please make sure to give us your transaction number, ticket number, email address, full name, and telephone number to help us serve you.

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